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Alumni News


John Gould (AOCA, 1952) has work in “The Drawn Figure” at Roberts Gallery until December 19.


Gerrit Verstraete (OCAD Alumni, 1968, AOCA) has been appointed Executive Producer of the Oscar Cahén Centennial, 1916-2016.


Ian Carr-Harris (AOCA, 1971) A Space Gallery holds a panel discussion on December 12 at 3 p.m.

The Ryerson Image Centre launches a series of exhibitions with work by women photographers, including Spring Hurlbut (AOCA, 1973).

Malcolm Rains
(AOCA, 1974) sculpture work will be at Odon Wagner until December 26.

Stan Olthuis (AOCA, Integrated Media, 1977), Joanna Turlej (AOCA, Textiles, 1980), Peter Rotter (AOCA, Illustration, 1995) and Janice Ykema (BDES, Illustration, 2005) are in the group show “OSA New Members’ 2014-2015 Exhibition” at John B. Aird Gallery.


Rae Johnson (AOCA, 1980) paintings in “Interior” are showing at Christopher Cutts until December 19.

David McClyment
(AOCA, 1980) and Suzanne Carlsen (BDES, Material Art & Design, 2006) are showing in “Gold; Gone [PartI]” at David Kaye Gallery until December 20.

Gary Clement
(AOCA, Environmental Design, 1981) landscape drawings and paintings in “Nature Boy” at loop Gallery.

Chris Dyer
(AOCA, 1981), Janice Colbert (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2005) and Jessica Volpe (AOCA, Advertising, 2000) are all contributors to “Blank Boy Canvas” exhibiting at Gladstone Hotel until December 22.

Joseph Muscat (AOCA, 1981) has an open studio with paintings, prints and mixed media at Joseph Muscat and Fenix Gallery on December 13.

George Boileau
’s (AOCA, Fine Arts/ Drawing & Painting, 1983) paintings are a part of a group show “Shelter” at Lonsdale Gallery running until January 8.

Midi Onodera (AOCA, Arts Inter-Media, 1983) “Future Projections 3” concludes this series on personal and public identities on AkimboTV.

Wendy Coburn (AOCA,1986) “The Green of Her,” which offers an unusual take on landscape at Oakville Galleries on January 17.

Howard Podeswa (AOCA, 1986) presents a new series of paintings with expansive subject matter in “A Brief History” opening at Koffler Gallery with a reception on January 14.

Fiona Smyth
(AOCA, 1987) and Michael Toke (AOCA, 1980s) a a part of a group exhibition “Lit Bang!” at Milk Class Co until December 20.

Fraser Paterson
(AOCA, 1989) and Tiffany Huta (BDES, Environmental Design, 2011) are in a group show “Bold Forms” at Skier Gallery until December 24.


Kelvin Smith (AOCA, Communication & Design, 1992) new landscapes and intimate urban study paintings are showing at Roberts Gallery until December 19.

Bruno Capolongo (AOCA, Drawing & Painting, 1995) will be debuting his new series at his solo “Kintsukuroi: The Art Of Wholeness” is currently exhibiting at Marcia Rafelman Fine Arts.

Deirdre Tara Whelan (AOCA, 1996, Textiles), Christopher Kier (AOCA, 1988), Beverley Rosenberg (AOCAD, Drawing & Painting, 2000), Raffael Antonio Iglesias (AOCA, Interdisciplinary Studies, 1996), Alan Glicksman (AOCA, 1979) are participating artists in “Holiday Salon” at Yumart from December 3-19.

Bonnie Devine (AOCAD, Sculpture/Installation, 1997) has a sculpture “Treaty Robe, for Tecumseh” that uses a feminist stance to express masculine military accounts at Art Gallery of Windsor.

Matthew Borrett (AOCA, Illustration, 1998), Lisa Neighbour (AOCA, 1981), Michelle Bellemare (AOCA, General Studies, 1992), Gillian Iles (AOCAD, Drawing & Painting, 1997),Lynn Christine Kelly (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2006), Ian MacKay (BFA, Integrated Media, 2009), Lun Carter (AOCA, 1978) are a part of “The Red Head Gallery At 25” at The Red Head Gallery until January 16.

Yechel Gagnon (AOCAD, Drawing & Painting, 1998) solo show “The River in the Tree” runs January 17 runs at Tom Thomson Art Gallery.

Nancy Friedland (AOCAD, Photography, 1999) solo exhibition “Constellations” of new photographic work at Circuit Gallery.


Keesic Douglas (BFA, Photography, 2008) solo “Cut Rock” present by P.U.P. Contemporary at Gladstone Hotel until December 8.

Jake Rosenberg (BFA, Industrial Design, 2009) has an exciting feature “Trendsetters at Work: The Coveteur” in E! Online.

Christina Kostoff (BFA, Sculpture/Installation, 2009) and Robert Donnelly (BFA, Sculpture/Installation, 2011) are featured in The Sword Or The Brush the 2nd Annual Test Show at Yellow House Gallery opening January 14.


Karen Grosman (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2010) has an installation of over 100 ceramic flowers at the Window Gallery in Gallery1313.

Sarah Anne Johnson
(BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2010) a finalist for this year’s Sobey Art Award, opens a solo show at Division Gallery, her solo show “Hospital Hallway” at South Alberta Art Gallery will be running until the end of January.

Sean Procyk (MFA, Interdisciplinary Art, Media & Design, 2010) collaborative and DIY experience ”Best of Intentions,” opens January 8 at Stride Gallery.

Alea Drain (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2011) is among many artists at the “4X$ & A Little More” show at Hashtag Gallery open until December 20.

Jillian Kay Ross (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2011) has paintings in “Most Dogs Go to Heaven” at Division Gallery.

Andrew Kan (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2014) “The View From Here” at Gallery 50 until December 6.

Allison Morris (BFA, Photography, 2015) won the Career Launchers: Artscape Youngplace contest, her solo show “Impersonations” will be held at Artscape Youngplace until January 3.

Gregory Gallant’s illustrations of traditional Christmas ghost stories are featured on CBC.

Erin Loree (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2012) and Megan MacDonald (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2013) are featured in Blog TO.

TODO 2016

Toronto Design Offsite Festival is taking place from January 18-24 thanks to Deborah Wang (MFA, Criticism & Curatorial Practice, 2010) Creative Director, Michael Madjus (BDES, Industrial Design, 2009) Communications Coordinator, Ange-line Tetrault (BDES, Industrial Design, 2011) Programming Team, Vanessa Toye (BDES, Industrial Design, 2015) Programming Team.

Lyn Carter (AOCA, 1978) “Lyn Carter: 11th Line” at the Textile Museum of Canada.

“Festival Hub (Heat Wave)” exhibition includes work by Gord Peteran (AOCA, General Studies, 1979), Alissa Coe (BDES, Industrial Design, 2005) and Ange-line Tetrault (BDES, Industrial Design, 2011) at Bosley Real Estate.

“Come Up to My Room” was conceived in 2004 by Christina Zeidler (AOCAD, Integrated Media, 1997) and features artists Alexandra Mackenzie (BFA, Printmaking, 2011), Jessica Bartman (BDES, Graphic Design, 2015) and Zahra Ebrahim (MDES, Strategic Foresight and Innovation, 2015) at The Gladstone Hotel.

Window installation “Loose Ends” by Faye Mullen (BFA, Sculpture/Installation, 2009) and Deborah Wange (MFA, Criticism & Curatorial Practice, 2010) at Typology.

“In Series” consists of Janna Watson (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2009), Tara Lee Towers (BDES, Material Art & Design, 2011) and Nico Soule (BDES, Industrial Design, 2012) at Propeller Gallery.

Exhibition “Umbra + TO DO Compact Living Product Exhibition” features work by Ange-line Tetrault (BDES, Industrial Design, 2011) and Oscar Kwong (BDES, Industrial Design, 2015) at Umbra.

“Deliberately Ambiguous” at Harbourfront Centre consist of “Non-Objective” by Alexia Bilyk (BDES, Material Art & Design, 2012) and Azza El Siddique (BDES, Material Art & Design, 2014) and “Palimpsest” with Ursula Handleigh (BFA, Photography, 2012).

Caitlin Doherty (BFA, Drawing & Painting, 2012) window installation “Everlasting Wild” at Grow Op.

“In Light” is Sofia Escobar’s (BDES, Material Art & Design, 2014) window installation at NODO Restaurant.

Nathan Asis (BDES, Industrial Design, 2015) exhibition “Nthology:01” at Opticianado.

“Index Woodshop” group exhibition features work by Devin Schaffner (BDES, Industrial Design, 2014) at Toronto City Hall, Rotunda.

Prairie Koo (BFA, 2015) window installation at Forever Interiors “Double Happiness”.

Oscar Kwong (BDES, Industrial Design, 2015) ID Medal winner 2015 has a window installation “Balancing On Leaves” at Helen + Hildegard.

Archive News

Alumni In Action

Deborah Wang (MFA, Criticism & Curatorial Practice, 2010).

Based in Toronto, Deborah is an independent curator and designer. She holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Waterloo, and a Master of Fine Arts from OCAD University. Deborah has curated and co-curated exhibitions for the Textile Museum of Canada, Gladstone Hotel, XPACE Cultural Centre, and the Art Gallery of Ontario; worked with Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects; and taught design studio at Ryerson University. She has exhibited in Toronto and abroad, and presented her art and design work as a guest speaker in academic and cultural forums. Currently, Deborah splits her time as Creative Director of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival and a senior designer for superkül. Check out the TODO website.

AN: What led you to pursue a career in the arts?

DW: I have a keen interest in art and design. From this attraction, it also seemed that there was no other pursuit that made as much “sense” to me. (I could also try to hypothesize about my upbringing, but I don’t think things are as straightforward as that.)

AN: Looking back, what was most resonant or pertinent from your OCAD U experience?

DW: Certain amazing individuals – both follow students and instructors. The opportunities to create, learn, and work with them and others further afield.

AN: What has been the most exciting (and possibly intimidating) project you have taken on?

DW: Starting and running Toronto Design Offsite Festival. Thankfully this started as a collaboration and continues to be one. We didn’t know exactly what it was that we created in the beginning, but six years later it has grown to be a significant event for the design community in Toronto and beyond. And as with all good things, it’s still a work in-progress.

AN: What advice would you give the other alumni as they approach starting a professional art or design practice?

DW: 1. Hard work is hard work. Do the work. 2. Don’t worry about definitions. Art, design, multi, inter, cross… 3. Show up. Dave Hickey wrote an essay from which my takeaway was this: participate with your body.

AN: How do your different academic majors/backgrounds play off of each other in the creative process?

It’s easy to get stuck in the creative process. The “writer’s block” of art making, or designing, or curating, or of writing too. Having different perspectives and modalities has been really important in this process for me. Being able to think or write or draw or talk about things in different ways keeps things flowing or allows me to approach something from the other side. But beyond all of this, I think it’s really people that are so crucial to the creative process and project development.

AN: What have been the most challenging and rewarding experiences in your entrepreneurial endeavours thus far?

Challenging: money (a lack thereof in certain endeavours), and naysayers. Rewarding: everything else!

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