Andrew Capra Commemorative Bursary

Thank you for supporting the Andrew Capra Commemorative Bursary. We are grateful for your support. This bursary will be awarded based on financial need to assist a Photography program student in the pursuit of their passion. When you make a commemorative gift, we will provide your name, but not the amount of your gift, to Andrew's family.

 Tribute from Professor b.h. Yael

From having had Andrew Capra in the Thesis class of Integrated Media at OCAD University, where he graduated with a BFA, I know Andrew will be excruciatingly missed by his family and friends. I can tell you that in Thesis, as Andrew was casting about in his own work, forming a video piece that had international reach, calling on friends from around the globe, he was an eager class participant, providing feedback to everyone. He was vocal and very political which I especially appreciated. But this is not a report card. This is a witness to an extraordinary person who had a big heart and who in turn provided the social lubrication for the class, one of those people who drew the group together. The thing about Andrew was that he seemed ageless in a certain way. Often as I grow older and the distance in age between me and my students grows I am aware of our differing generations. There was something about Andrew that defied that. He either approached his professors as equals or he didn't acknowledge age or status, or he was, as they say, an old soul. He was eager to talk, in class or out, eager to ask questions, and eager to be in the big world. And that is what I see he did. He went out and discovered himself and those around him. He will most definitely be missed by all of us who knew him. Thank you to his family for the gift of Andrew for the time he was with us.

 Tribute from Professor Richard Fung

Andrew took two courses with me in second year, and the following year he asked me to write a letter of recommendation for him to study in Prague. This is what I wrote in 2012: Andrew is a talented, committed, mature and hard-working student, and has a superior level of critical engagement. I am aware of FAMU’s association with some of Czech cinema’s greatest names and I believe that Andrew will learn a great deal from studying at the school and from spending time away from Canada in the Czech Republic. This is a rare opportunity to participate in a life changing experience and I am happy that Andrew has taken this initiative. I highly recommend Andrew’s application.

When I came across Andrew again, in Thesis, he had been transformed by his Prague experience, and his work focused on the transnational network of young artists he’d met on the continent. Andrew had a lot to offer the world, and it’s heartbreaking that he was taken so young.

 Tribute from Professor Selmin Kara

I first met Andrew when he took my film studies course; he would sit in the front row of the large auditorium, offer brilliant commentary on films, and sometimes stay after to talk about Eastern European avant-garde cinema. He left such a strong impression on me that we stayed in touch after and I had a chance to follow his adventures abroad through social media, always recounted in a poignant and poetic honesty. Andrew was an all around artist and a deep thinker (a flaneur, storyteller, filmmaker, and writer with an infectious "zest for life" as one of his friends would say), paying attention to the minute details of film, art, and everyday experiences. He was also unique, outspoken, confident, and always present. I am not ready to let him go and would like to believe that he shall stay with us, through the beautiful marks he left on the lives he touched.

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